Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Sejak aku bergelar guru praktikum di Sekolah, banyak betul Lesson Plan (LP) kena buat. Bukan buat satu bundle LP untuk seminggu tapi buat sehari sebelum. Kenapa? sebab kita nak tau kesinambungan dan juga pencapaian dan kefahaman para murid. Sekarang tengah sibuk buat LP untuk ajar murid-murid 3 INTAN tentang PREPOSITION. So, aku terjumpa satu video yang menarik untuk digunakan ketika sesi induksi.

There is a song about PREPOSITION by using hand. It is simple yet meaningful. But there are not enough, so you must teach the pupils more about PREPOSITION. The other method I used was a doll movement. You can used a doll ( animal doll to attract pupils attention) and make draw a staright line on the whiteboard. Then move the doll as you explain the locations (PREPOSITION) of the doll. It's kind of interesting set induction you can use in your teaching. The pupils like it very much.

Here I shared the video that I got from Youtube about PREPOSITION. If you guys have something more fun and interesting ways for the set induction about PREPOSITION care to share it with me.

P/S : Please remember to change the hand signal for ON ok. You will know what i'm saying when you watch the video. Good Luck!

This is an interesting poster that can be use during the Teaching and Learning session. Hope it will help you guys.

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